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Starting your work with hPSC might be challenging. Unlike conventional cell culture hPSC require specialized methods and tend to be very sensitive to changes in handling and culture protocols. Therefore, to help our users learn iPSC techniques we provide training opportunities throughout the year.

In collaboration with our partner the Max Delbrück Center (MDC) Technology Platform pluripotent Stem Cells we offer regularly a 3-day course covering the theoretical and practical aspects of hPSC. The lectures include overview of stem cell generation and characterization, genetic engineering and cloning, and differentiation.

In addition we offer individual traning oppertunities on hiPSC culture and differentiation. We also provide multiple validated protocols and offer training for all the Core based equipment.

Links to external webpages can be found in the Recources section of our page.


Training videos

CUSCO offers to its users a variety of videos on different methods for hiPSC culture as well as introduction videos for our devices.


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