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TIER2 aims to foster the creation of three new Reproducibility Networks (RNs) in “Widening participation” countries. Three selected consortia will receive an award of €5,000 to organize an initial meeting to establish a Reproducibility Network in their countries. The aim of Reproducibility Networks is to foster rigorous research practices and increase the trustworthiness of scientific work.

Selection will be based on the feasibility, scope, and sustainability of the proposal.

What is a reproducibility network?

A national reproducibility network is a countrywide peer-led consortium that aims to improve research practices by promoting, supporting and investigating factors contributing to robust research including, but not limited to, reproducibility, replicability, and Open Science. Activities may include promoting training activities, disseminating best practices, supporting research on reproducible research practices, and advocacy for reproducible and open research.

A reproducibility network typically serves as a hub to connect researchers and scientists to exchange ideas and good practices, promoting collaboration among scientists from a range of scientific disciplines. These networks provide infrastructure, facilitate opportunities for researchers and initiatives to support and amplify each other’s efforts, and foster community building and shared problem solving.

Want to establish a Reproducibility Network in your country?

Visit the award’s website to read more about eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Deadline for applications is Monday, August 14th at 11pm/23:00 (CEST).

Contact: Friederike Kohrs, friederike-elisabeth.kohrs@charite.de