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Single cell sequencing

CUSCO is building up expertise in single cell sequencing technology, which will be especially useful for the generation of in depth and high-quality analysis of our 3D organoid models. The Core Unit has a 10x Genomics chromium controller available that allows for generation of the single cell sequencing libraries from hPSC derived models. 
Furthermore we can assist with both planning and execution of such experiments and also highly recommend to include all involved parties already in the early planning stages of any single cell project, including sequencing especially bioinformatics expertise. For our own projects we closely collaborate with the BIH Core Unit Genomics and the BIH Core Unit Bioinformatics.


Imaging is one of the most relevant methods for analysis of cell based in vitro models. CUSCO has established a comprehensive infrastructure for qualitative and quantitative imaging. This includes several imaging devices for long term live cells imaging to capture dynamic processes, fluorescence and confocal imaging for marker analysis in 2D and 3D and high content imagers for higher throughput quantitative imaging (Link). For image data management two server applications are available: Columbus® server for management and quantification of high content imaging data and OMEROPlus for storage, management and analysis of multidimensional microscopy image data.

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